Adam frá Köldukinn

Adam is a promising young stallion with prestigious breedingline, great conformation and beautiful movements.

Adams elegant, thin and well raised neck is well positioned on his
good shoulders. He has long legs and a nice topline. His exterior will sure help him to carry himself well under rider in the future. He’s well developed and really a handsome fellow.
He is a really calm and curious around people, but he was halter trained when he was a yearling. He moves with grace and shows mostly trot, though he shows all gaits. He has soft and elegant movements.

Adam’s father, Arion frá Eystra-Fróðholti is one of the two highest judged stallions in the world, with the highest score for ridden abilities 9.25. He has 10 for both tölt and slow tölt and 9.5 for pace, grace while ridden and spirit. Adam is much like Arion both in regards to looks and movements.

Adam’s mother is the beautiful Embla frá Dalbæ, judged with 7.98 in total. Among her marks are 9 for neck, withers and shoulders and 8 for tölt, trot, spirit and grace while ridden. She has 8.18 in total for conformation.

If you are looking for a horse with great potentials for the future, then Adam is defiantly a horse to take a look at!

  • promising young stallion with prestigious breedingline
  • Long legs and a nice topline
  • Calm and curious around people
  • Moves with grace

F: Arion frá Eystra-Fróðholti (8,91 in FIZO)
FF: Sær frá Bakkakoti (8,62 in total and honours prize for offspring)
FM: Gletta frá Bakkakoti (8,12 in total and honours prize for offspring)

M: Embla frá Dalbæ (7,98 in total)
MF: Þorri frá Þúfu (8,26 and honours prize for offspring)
MM: Vordís frá Dalbæ

International BLUP

Head 106 Tölt 112
Neck 111 Trot 104
Back 105 Pace 116
Proportions 112 Gallop 104
Legs 100 Spirit 113
Joints 96 General impression 116
Hooves 105 Walk 97
Mane and tail 97 Rideability 116
Conformation 111 Slow tölt 112

Total score 118