Buska frá Kvíarholti

Buska is 8 year old, five gaited mare with high movements and exceptionally clear beat. She has a good temperament, is easy to handle and always willing to please the rider. She has a lot of energy but is at the same time relaxed and a safe horse. Buska is light on the reins and is self carrying.
She is the perfect horse for an ambitious rider in every day riding or competition.
Located in Reykjavík.

  • 5-gaited
  • High movements and clear gaits
  • Willing, relaxed and safe.

IS2007281741 – Buska frá Kvíarholti

F: Bragi frá Kópavogi (8,31 in FIZO)
FF: Geyser frá Gerðum (8,39)
FM: Álfadís frá Kópavogi (7,84)

M: Röst frá Reykjavík (7,85)
MF: Hrannar frá Kýrholti (8,32)
MM: Rimma frá Kópavogi (7,99)