Frægur frá Árbæjarhjáleigu

Frægur is a great fivegaited horse. His biggest strengths are tölt and pace. He is a lot of fun to ride. Good willingness and always ready to please the rider. He still needs a rider that can handle him being sensitive to his environment. We have a lot of believe in him as a pace horse. Especially the pace test and 100m. Also he has potential to be used in fivegait. And ofcourse he can be used as your favorite pleasure horse.

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IS2009186996 – Frægur frá Árbæjarhjáleigu
F: Gídeon frá Lækjarbotnum (8,48 in total)
FF: Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum (8,31 in total/Honours prize for offspring)
FM: Gyðja frá Lækjarbotnum (8,38 in total/Honours prize for offspring)

Nútíð frá Skarði (8,14 in total)
MF: Ófeigur frá Flugumýri (8,19 in total/Honours prize for offspring)
MM: Framtíð frá Skarði (8,0 in total)