Maístjarna frá Vorsabæ 2

Maístjarna from Vorsabæ 2 IS2011287981 is chestnut with a big star. She is beautiful with long neck (138 cm). She is fivegaited with good gates which are all well separated.
On the video you can see how reliable she is and that she is not afraid of anything. The pace was tried for the first time in the video and is very promising. Maístjarna suits well in smaller competitions for example in T1, T2 and fivegait, or as a great riding horse or in riding school.
Maístjarna has always positive attitude and wants to please the rider, therefore she suits wide range of riders and also for less experienced riders for example the whole family.

Father: Forseti frá Vorsabæ 2 (8,58)
Mother: Gasaleg-Skutla frá Neistastöðum

  • 100% safe
  • Great character
  • Suitable for all riders