Mirra frá Ytri-Löngumýri

Mirra is a great 5 gaited mare. She has good quality in the tölt and has very good and easy pace. She is this light type of a horse that you can enjoy training and compete on. She has been to one competition in F1. There she did well for her first time and was scoring 7,0 for tölt and pace. Mirra is definatly a horse you should look at if you are looking for a future competition horse in F1 and pace race.
She is showed in a breeding show with 7.98 in total
  • 5-gaited mare
  • Really good Tolt and pace
  • fun to train and ride

IS2008256593 – Mirra frá Ytri-Löngumýri

F: Kiljan frá Steinnesi(8,78 in total)
FF: Klettur frá Hvammi (8,49 in total )
FM: Kylja frá Steinnesi (8,17 in total)

M: Tota frá Ytri-Löngumýri
MF: Hálendingur frá Kýrholti
MM: Bleik frá Ytri-Löngumýri