Tilraun frá Pulu


Tilraun is a 100 % safe 4-gaited mare. Like you can see on the video the tölt is abselutely problem free, and all 4-gaits good and nice movements, good balance and speed range. Tilraun is very safe and reliable. On the video you can see that a 6 years old girl is riding her without any problem. Great ridinghorse that is perfect for children competitions or just enjoy for a good and safe ride.
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  • Safe to ride
  • Knows a lot of exercises
  • Positive and easy to handle


F: Sandur frá Varmadal (8,16)
FF: Huginn frá Haga (8,56 and Honouray prize for offsprings)

FM: Spenna frá Varmadal (7,67)

M: Gullsól frá Öxl
MF: Heljar frá Hofi
MM: Hervör frá Öxl