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Benefit from our experience and close connections to the best breeding farms in Iceland and save money and time!


What this website is all about

- is operating now for more than 10 years, and during this time hundreds of horses have found new homes and owners who are enjoying the association with these wonderful animals from Iceland.

Every customer is important for us and we try to do our very best: we have experienced the importance of personal relationships and transparency, the relevance of details in every information from our customers and of course a fair pricing. Of course higher quality and increasing requirements lead to higher prices, but we will search for the right horse that fulfills your demands always respecting your allowed budget with a best price guarantee .

It is a common and understandable misconception that it is more economical to seek your dream horse by your own-let me explain why and how you can benefit from

- has strong relationships with all of the important breeding farms in Iceland and with one e-mail, you can receive a summary of existing sale horses and if you like, we arrange a visit for you where you can see and ride the horses you find most interesting, or we get all the details and videos if you don´t have the opportunity to come by your own.

- is independent and not working for one breeding farm exlusively: therefore we have no other objective than finding the right horse for you. We can assist you to evaluate and compare the quality and prices of the horses, and give you full support with all aspects after the right horse is found. We help you to find your dream horse for the best available price.

- helps you to save time & money by arranging an effective tour guided by professional experts who often did ride the horses in advance to make sure that these horses will at least meet or better exceed your request

The horses you can find on represent only a fine selection of what is available in the background. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, or simply would like to see more horses please send us an email and we will send you more options. If you wish to receive an email whenever a new horse will be add to, or when we offer special deals, click on the button abowe, "sign up now"!

We do also present various stories on this page, general stories and news of horses sold through after arriving in their new home. Do you want share your experience with us? Please feel free and let us know.

We are excited to hear from you and answer any questions you might have, whether you want to visit our country or get general information.

Searching and finding the right horse is a trust thing. Benefit with from a professional support and trust in the experience of hundreds of exported horses in the past.

We are looking foward to hear from you soon!

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE we will bring you one step closer to your dream horse. We provide personal assistance, wide range of horses, top quality and fair price without any agency or service cost!

Best breeding frams works closely and independent with the best breeding farms around the country, and there for capable of introducing you to a wide range of horses that will fulfill your demand always respecting your price restrictions you might set.

Visit Iceland

If you want to visit Iceland we specialize your trip based on what you are looking for - it gives you the chance to form a relationship with the owners/breeders, and enjoy our beautiful country at the same time. This assistance is free of charge.

Purchases offers personal assistance all the way - with no requirement of purchase. We are experienced, work wise and just love to provide you with the best personal assistance possible.

Just a sneak peak

On this site you can only see a sneak peak of the horses we offer, so don't hesitate to send us e-mail if you can't find exactly what you are looking for.

Schreiben Sie uns einfach eine email in englisch oder deutsch.

Prices do not include tax/vat. When your horse is exported you pay vat/tax in your own country. If you decide to keep the horse in Iceland for longer than 13 months, you need to pay vat in Iceland, 24%. Please send us a mail if you have any questions about taxes.