Aþena frá Efri-Brú

Aþena is 8 years old mare with high movements and really good quality in her tolt. She is forward thinking, and there for not for beginners but she is trustworthy,super fun to ride and she is light on the reins. Aþena is around 142 cm tall. She is after the landsmót winner in A-flokkur Geisli frá Sælukoti (8,28 total) and her mother is Jódís frá Efri-Brú daughter of Kjarkur frá Egilsstaðabæ.

Aþena is good choose if you are looking for promising horse for tolt and 4-gait competition, and she is always clear beated and has really good mind and caracther. Video of Aþena is here bellow. Her price is very fair. Send us post for further information

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