Hátíð frá Efra-Hvoli

Hátíð IS2015284860

Tall, handsome red pinto mare with a lot of talent. Hátíð frá Efra-Hvoli born 2015. Super sweet Hátíð easy to ride and handle. She has easy going and friendly character, high leg lift, long strides, and clear beated in all gaits. All gaits are super well separated, super interesting for tolt and 4-gait competitions. Hátíð is well trained, knows all dressage excersises, and has a very good mind, which makes her suitable for all type of riders. Her father is the Álfur son Prinsinn frá Efra-Hvoli that has given really good offsprings with great mind and character. The mother of Hátíð is Ör frá Bergþórshvoli Here is below is 🎥 of Hátíð If you are looking for super promising mare for competition with really good mind and well trained than send us a message or email on hest@hest.is

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