Nótt frá Lynghóli

Nótt frá Lynghóli IS2013282500

Nótt is really talented mare with good separated gaits and super good caracther, her mind is what all riders are looking for in a horse. She is forward thinking, positive in all her training. Knows all basic dressage exercises. She was shown in FIZO last year and got 7,94 total for conformation 8,00 and for rideability 7,90.

Nótt has really good pedigree she is after the high judget stallion Stáli frá Kjarri 8,76 total in FIZO and Honorary prize for his offsprings. Nótt mother is Rispa frá Eystri-Hól that has 8,26 total in FIZO. Rispa has given really good offsprings for example Leista frá Lynghóli that was Landsmot winner in her group in Landsmot 2006 and she has honorary prize for offsprings.

Nótt can fit for all riders that has ridden horse some times she is maybe not for total beginner but she is really safe and easy to handle. For competition I think Nótt can be really good for tolt, and fourgait, she has pace but I think she is better as 4-gaiter.

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