Garpur frá Syðra-Garðshorni

First prize stallion for sale !

Garpur is a 7 years old black stallion son of the honorary prized stallion Hróður frá Refsstöðum. He has 8,21 for conformation and 8,37 for ridden ability.
Garpur is very easy to ride and to handle and well trained. He is really a future horse for competition in sport. This is a good opportunity to buy a high evaluated stallion for sport or breeding for a really reasonable price! Watch the video to get to know more about this great horse and send e-mail or PM to get further information,

  • 1. prize 5-gaiter
  • Great character
  • Promising competition horse in sport

Total : 8,31

Conformation : 8,21

Ridden abilities: 8,37
Head : 7,5

Neck-Withers-Shoulders: 8,0

Back and Croup: 9,0

Proportions : 8,5

Legs: 8,0

Joints: 8,0

Hooves: 8,5

Mane and Tail: 8,0

Tölt: 8,5

Trot: 8,0

Pace: 8,5

Gallop: 8,5

Spirit: 8,5

General impression: 8,5

Walk: 7,5

Slow tölt: 7,5

Canter: 8,0

IS2009165075 – Garpur frá Syðra-Garðshorni

F: Hróður frá Refsstöðum
FF: Léttir frá Stóra-Ási
FM: Rán frá Refsstöðum

M: Kleópatra frá Nýjabæ
MF: Orri frá Þúfu
MM: Gígja frá Nýjabæ