Andvari frá Varmalandi

Andvari is a very good 8 year old 5-gaited gelding. Son of the winner of B-flokkur in LM 2012 in reykjavík Glóðafeykir frá Halakoti (8,75 in FIZO) He is soft to ride with very good character, pleasant temperament and easy and fun to work with. He is suitable for most riders but maybe not a total beginners. Andvari is well educated and suitable for competitions in 5-gait and T2 along with being a super trail horse. All gaits are good the tolt is very good and the pace is very easy to ride, on the video the walk is not so good at the beginning but gets better and is most of the time like that. Solid and sweet gelding, tall and handsome for most riders.

  • 5-Gaited Gelding
  • Easy to ride and friendly to handle
  • Good Tolt

IS2010157365 – Andvari frá Varmalandi

F: Glóðafeykir frá Halakoti (8,75 in total )
FF: Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstöðum (8,34 in total)
FM: Glóð frá Grjóteyri  (8,01 in total)

M: Eva frá Miðsitju
MF: Illugi frá Miðsitju
MM: Þota frá Tungufelli