Aría frá Hlíðartúni

IS2008288488 – Aría frá Hlíðartúni

1st prize Þóroddur daughter in foal by the world’s highest evaluated stallion Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti!

Aría is a 2008 born daughter of the famous Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum, highest evaluated 5 year old at Landsmót 2004 with 8.74 in total, and Honorary Prize stallion  Aría’s mother is Ópera frá Nýjabæ, 1st prize mare with 8.12 in total, daughter of Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum.

Aría herself is evaluated 1st prize with 8.16 for ridden abilities and 7.86 for conformation, with a total of 8.04.

Aría is a forward thinking mare, willing, but always easy to control. She has always clear beat tölt with good trot, gallop with high action and is easy to put in pace, that is super good.

She is 1.40m on stick. Easy to handle, friendly, and always positive to work with.

Aría already has quite some competition experience, especially in F2 in teeange class, indoor as outdoor, and also competed in Gæðingakeppni A-Class (five gait) and Speed Pace 100m P2.

Aría is pregnant by superstar Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti, who is the world’s highest evaluated Icelandic stallion with 8.95 in total with 8.70 for conformation and 9.11 for ridden abilities with 9.5 for spirit and walk, and 9 for tölt, slow tölt, trot, pace, gallop, and general impression.

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  • Very good gaits
  • Great breeding line
  • Great Character
  • Pregnant after the amazing Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti

IS2008288488- Aría Frá Hlíðartúni

F: Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum- (8,74 in total and honours prize for offsprings)
FF: Oddur frá Selfossi  (8,48 in total and honours prize for offspring)
FM: Hlökk frá Laugarvatni (8,10 in total)

M: Ópera Frá Nýja-Bæ (8,12 in total)
MF: Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum (8,31 in total honours prize for offspring)
MM: Fiðla frá Nýja-Bæ (7,76 in total)

Head 8,5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8.5
Back and Croup 7.0
Proportions 8.0
Legs 7.5
Joints 7
Hooves 7.5
Mane and Tail 8
Conformation 7.86
Ridden abilities
Tölt 8.0
Trot 8.0
Pace 8,5
Gallop 8
Spirit 8.5
General impression 8.0
Walk 8.0
Rideability 8.16
Slow tölt 7.5
Canter 7
Total 8.04