Ármey frá Selfossi

Ármey is a really promising soft and fun 4-gaited mare, she is only 5 years old. She trustwurthy and have high potential as a sports and breeding mare. She is really easy to ride and have been really positive from the beginning of her training. She has alot of natural movements and can be a perfect project to bild up for a competition.
Ármey is sired by the great Landsmotwinner in B-flokkur 2014 Loki frá Selfoss

  • Soft and fun 4-gaited mare
  • Trustworthy
  • Her father landsmotswinner 2014
  • Positive and easy to handle

IS2011287651 – Ármey frá Selfossi

F: Loki frá Selfossi (8,43 in total)
FF: Smári frá Skagaströnd (8,34 in total )
FM: Surtla frá Brúnastöðum (7,76 in total)

M: Fjöður frá Selfossi
MF: Hrynjandi frá Hrepphólum (8,23 in total and 1. prize for offerings)
MM: Glóð frá Borgarhóli (7,79 in total)