Auður frá Varmalandi

Auður is 5 years old very promising soft and fun mare very sweet and trustwurthy. She is very beautiful and the color of her is  dark brown/bay.  Auður is diligent and a very fun mare to ride and train.
Auður is born in 2013 and her father is the beautiful 1. prize Stallion Auður frá Lundum II (8,46 total in FIZO)  and her mother is Fluga frá Varmalandi (7,75 in total)

Auður is very promising mare for competition in tolt and 5-gait. She is only 5-years old and always getting better and better with every week of training. She is very safe and trustworthy and a child or young rider can easily ride her. Send us PM or email on if you like more informations about Auður.

  • Soft and fun 5-gaited mare
  • Sweet and trustworthy
  • Easy to handle

IS2013257363 – Auður frá Varmalandi

F: Auður frá Lundum II  (FIZO total: 8,46)
FF: Gauti frá Reykjavík  (8,28 in total)
FM: Auðna frá Lundum II (7,85 in total and has given 7 very high judget offsprings)

M: Fluga Frá Varmalandi (7,75 in total)
MF: Salvar Frá Hofi (7,90 in total)
MM: Glæða frá Árgerði (7,50 in total)