Björt frá Sunnhvoli-SOLD

SOLD. Are you looking for a mare with the WOW factor? Amazing Björt is for sale. Very promising competition and breeding mare with really big and wide movements!  If that is not enough she is also a very sweet mare and easy to ride and handle, very friendly with comfortable spirit. She is tall and very handsome, around 146 cm high. She has great breeding line, her father is Lukku-Láki frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði (8,60 total) he is son of honarary prized Álfur frá Selfossi (8,46 total) and the amazing Lukka frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði (8,89 total). Björt´s mother is Blekking frá Sunnuhvoli (8,22 total) she is after Blær frá Hesti (8,50 total) and Blekking´s mother is Urður frá Sunnuhvoli (8,16 total) and she has given amazing horses for example 7 offsprings in 1. prize and she is mother of Tjörvi frá Sunnuhvoli and Röskur frá Sunnuhvoli.

This is a rare opportunity the get such a great mare with big movements and amazing breeding line for really good price. Her caracther is what is to wish for in all horses, she is very sweet and easy to handle.

  • WOW movements
  • Nice and friendly
  • Very good gaits
  • Very promising competition horse

IS2014287138- Björt frá Sunnuhvoli

F: Lukku-Láki frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði (8,60 in total)
FF: Álfur frá Selfossi (8,46 in total and honours prize for offspring)
FM: Lukka frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði (8,89 total)

M: Blekking frá Sunnhvoli (8,22 total)
MF: Blær Frá Hesti (8,50 total)
MM: Urður frá Sunnuhvoli (8,16 total)