Bríet frá Barkarstöðum

IS2020- Bríet frá Barkarstöðum 
This is Bríet 
Her father is the beautiful colour and the talented stallion Grímur frá Skógarási, He has 8,25 total in FIZO as 4-gaiter and has score 7,57 in V1 and 8,06 in T1. He is one of the best 4-gaited stallions in Iceland now. He has great mind and good spirit. 
Bríet mother has excellent mind and her spirit is all riders favourite.
She is high legged and showes very good and high leg movement out on the field.
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  • Son of the amazing Grímur frá Skógarási

F: Grímur frá Skógarási (8,25 total in FIZO)
 Herjólfur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum (8,32 total in FIZO)
FM: Lind frá Ármóti  (7,74 total in FIZO)

Kelda Frá Laugavöllum (7,63 total in FIZO)
Leiknir frá Laugavöllum (8,15 total in FIZO)
MM: Kleópatra frá Króki (7,77 total in FIZO)