Dagur frá Hamarsey

Well educated and super well trained gelding for sale 🤩💥⭐️

Very promising gelding Dagur frá Hamarsey 6 years old black colour. Dagur is a son of Auður frá Lundum and Dómhildur frá Hrafnsmýri(9 for tölt and Trot)He is trustwurthy, forward thinking and very well trained and positive in all his training. All his 4-gaites are good and he is very promising for competition in V1 and he will also fit for tolt competition or can be super good for T2.

Here is video of Dagur https://youtu.be/k-x06zPm-6s send us post if you are interested
Send us post for further informations

  • All 4-gaits good

  • High movements

  • super fun spirit
  • good pedigree

IS2014182317 -Dagur frá Hamarsey

F: Auður frá Lundum II (8,46 in total)
FF: Gauti frá Reykjavík  (8,28 in total)
FM: Auðna frá Höfða (7,85 total and 6 high judget offsprings )

M: Dómhildur frá Hrafnsmýri
MF: Álfur frá Selfossi (8,66 total and honourary prized for offsprings)
MM: Litla-Svört frá Sörlatungu (7,90 total)