Díana frá Hafnarfirði

Here you get the possibility to buy breedingmare Díana frá Hafnarfirði she is pregnant after the great stallion Eldjárn frá Tjaldhólum (8,55 in total – 1.Prize for offspring)

Díana is born in 2008 and is chestnut with a blaze. She has recived 8,00 for conformation in breeding show.  She is a daughter of Natan frá Ketilsstöðu (8,40 total in FIZO)
Díana has amazing character, she is very calm and friendly and she is easy to get out on a field. 
This is a perfect opportunity to get a good breeding mare pregnant with Eldjarn for a good price.
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  • Breeding mare
  • 1. prize for conformation
  • Pregnant after Eldjárn frá Tjaldhólum

IS2008225521  – Díana frá Hafnarfirði

F: Natan frá Ketilsstöðum (8,40 in total)
FF: Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum (8,45 in total – Honours Prize for offspring)
FM: Vænting frá Ketilsstöðum (8,12 in total)

M: Komma frá Ketilsstöðum
MF: Máni frá Ketilsstöðum (8,01 in total – 1.Prize for offspring)

MM: Dögg frá Kirkjubæ (7,92 in total )

Head 8,5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8.0
Back and Croup 8.0
Proportions 8.0
Legs 8.0
Joints 7,5
Hooves 8.0
Mane and Tail 8.0
Conformation 8.00