Dögg frá Einhamri

Are you looking for a mare with great breeding line and material for a great 5-gait competition or just a really fun mare to ride. Dögg IS2011235265 is a perfect mare for a young rider that would like to compete in fivegait. This lovely mare has a great character, very calm and friendly but with very good working spirit. She has good gaits, very good clear beated tolt, good trot, walk and canter, and her pace is getting better and better with more strength and training.

Dögg is 7 year old but not that much ridden for her age.. so she has a lot to offer with more training, she is soft on the reins and positive in all training. Dögg has really good breeding line her father is the great character Honurary prized stallion Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (8,69) and her mother is Ósk frá Akranesi (8,05) she has been giving really good offsprings and 5 are showed in a breeding show and 4 of them are in really good 1.prize. I think Dögg can be a great opportunity for a competition mare and breeding mare later on. Send us post for further informations on hest@hest.is or on Facebook.

  • Promising competition horse in 5-gait
  • Very safe and friendly to ride and handle
  • Good gaits

IS2011235265 – Dögg frá Einhamri

F: Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (FIZO: 8,69 and Honurary prize for offprings)
FF: Orri frá Þúfu  (8,34 and Honurary prize for offprings)
FM: Hildur frá Garðabæ (8,00)

M: Ósk frá Akranesi (8,05 in total)
MF: Blær frá Höfða (8,08 in total)
MM: Bylgja frá Sturlureykjum