Dögun frá Mosfellsbæ

Dögun is a 7 year old 5-gaited mare with a bright future ahead of her. She is pregnant after Skýr frá Skálkoti (8,70 in total) . Her character is super, very friendly and sweet but willing at the same time. Dögun is a daughter of Skuggi frá Strandarhjáleiga (1.prize with 8,49 total) and Dagsbún frá Lækjarmóti. Dögun is well educated and ready for either competitions (5-gait/tölt/pace tests) after her pregnancy , as a great ridinghorse or for breeding.  She got 1.prize this summer the 8,04 total, 8,31 for riding ability and 7,64 for conformation.  Dögun has an outstanding character, both in handling and riding. More info by PM or e-mail hest@hest.is

  • Pregnant with Skýr frá Skálakoti (8,70 in total)
  • Very talented 5-gaited mare
  • High movements
  • Amazing pace
  • Outstanding temper


F: Skuggi frá Strandarhjáleigu (8,49 in total)
FF: Kvistur frá Hvolsvelli (8,38 in total)
FM: Skíma frá Búlandi

M: Dagsbrún frá Lækjarmóti
MF: Toppur frá Eyjólfsstöðum (8,46 in total and 1.prize for offprings)
MM: Birta frá Lækjarmóti

IS2010225161 Dögun frá Mosfellsbæ

Rider: Helgi Þór Guðjónsson

Measurements (cm):

139 131 138 63 145 36 27 17
Measure of hooves:

L.fr. 8,7 L.h. 7,6
Conformation : 7,64
Head : 7,5

Well open eyes – Concave noseline: 8

Back and croup: 7,5

Porportions: 7,5

Legs: 7,5

Joints: 8

Hooves: 7,5

Mane and Tail: 7