Draupnir frá Holtsmúla

IS2017181099 – Draupnir frá Holtsmúla
Chestnut with blaze, tall handsome stallion prospect.
Very sweet character, only 2 years old and walk up to you out on the field out of curiosity.
Draupnir has an outstanding breedingline. His father Skýr frá Skálakoti is one of the best stallions in Iceland. He has 5 even gaits, and on Landsmot he got 1.prize 🥇🤩 for offsprings and his offspring group were outstanding they were all super good with great character. Skýr him self is high judged with 8,70 total in FIZO He also has a perfect character and can be ridden by everybody.
Draupnir has the same mother as the World Champion Dynfari frá Steinnesi 😍 Her name is Drífa frá Steinnesi 1. prize mare with great breeding line.
Draupnir has 118 in BLUP. He is handsome with beautiful white blaze. He is high legged and showes very good and high leg movement out on the field.
The price for Draupnir is very fair for his super cool breedingline.
Send us PM or email on hest@hest.is for further informations about Draupnir.
  • Son of the amazing Skýr frá Skálakoti
  • Good movements
  • Nice temper

F: Skýr frá Skálakoti (8,70 total in FIZO 1. prize for offsprings)
Sólon frá Skáney (8,48 total in FIZO 1. prize for offsprings)
FM: Vök frá Skálakoti (8,29 total in FIZO)

Drífa frá Steinnesi (8,04 total in FIZO)
Skorri frá Blönduósi (8,32 total in FIZO)
MM: Assa Frá Steinnesi