Forsetning frá Miðdal

Forsetning is a 6 year old mare with 7,79 in total score in FIZO, she is bay color with a star tall and very handsome.  This is a promising mare that would suit in competitions in T1 og T2, riding horse or a breeding mare.  Her father is Forseti frá Vorsabæ II. Forsetning is very friendly and easy to handle, really sweet but forward. Send us mail for further informations.

  • 4 1/2 gaited
  • Good breeding line
  • Very good tolt
  • Suitable in T1 or T2 competitions

IS2010225054 – Forsetning frá Miðdal

F: Forseti frá Vorsabæ II (8,58 in total)
FF: Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (8,56 – Honours prize for offspring)
FM: Litla-Jörp frá Vorsabæ II (7,77 in total)

M: Taug frá Miðdal  (8,11 in total)
MF: Piltur frá Sperðli (8,33 and 1.prize for offspring)
MM: Drottning frá Skammbeinsstöðum 1 (7,67 in total )

Head 8
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8
Back and Croup 8
Proportions 8.5
Legs 8
Joints 7.5
Hooves 8.5
Mane and Tail 6.5

Conformation 8.08

Tölt 8,5
Trot 7,5
Pace 5
Gallop 8,5
Spirit 8
General impression 8
Walk 8

Rideability 7.60

Slow tölt 8
Canter 7,5

Total 7.79