Gjá frá Lyngholti

Gjá is a 9 year old 4-gaited mare sired by the great breedingstallion, Keilir frá Miðsitju (honours prize for offspring) and the 1. prize Glóð frá Kálfholti. Gjá is a great ridinghorse and can also be suitable for lighter competitions. Gjá has very good tölt, supple with good speedrange and good trot with long strides. She is willing and energetic so not for beginners but easy and friendly to handle. Gjá is a super ridinghorse for people that prefer some power and energy in their horse. Can also be a breedingmare because of her very good pedigree and good gaits. Price: 4.290 EUR.

  • Daughter of Keilir frá Miðsitja
  • Very good tölt
  • Willing and energetic
  • Fair price

ID nr.: IS2006281398

F: Keilir frá Miðsitju (8,63 in total and honours prize for offspring)
FF: Ófeigur frá Flugumýri (honours prize for offspring)
FM: Krafla frá Sauðárkróki (8,26 and honours price for offspring)

M: Glóð frá Kálfholti (8,00 in total)
MF: Asi frá Kálfholti (8,23 in total)
MM: Glæða frá Kálfholti