Grásteinn frá Efri-Kvíhólma

Grásteinn is a very good 9 year old 5-gaited gelding. He is soft to ride with very good character, pleasant temperament and easy and fun to work with. Grásteinn is well educated and suitable for competitions in 5-gait and T2 along with being a super trail horse. All gaits are good and the pace is very easy to ride. Solid and sweet gelding, tall and handsome for most riders. Price is 7.850 EUR.

  • 5-Gaited Gelding
  • Easy to ride and friendly to handle
  • Good 5 gaits

IS2006184223 – Grásteinn frá Efri-Kvíhólma

F: Huginn frá Haga (8,57 in total and honours prize for offspring)
FF: Sólon frá Hóli (8,31 and 1. prize for offspring)
FM: Vænting frá Haga (8,04)

M: Tinna frá Norður-Hvammi
MF: Gnýr frá Hrepphólum (8,23)
MM: Spurning frá Sólheimakoti (7,86)