Heimir frá Ásgeirsbrekku

This great color handsome gelding is looking for new owner. He is 9 years old, 4-gaited, very well trained, with all 4 gaits really good.
He has clear beated and very good speed range in tolt. He is brown pinto with lots of charisma and great temperament. He is forward thinking, not for a total beginner but easy and fun to ride. Heimir can fit perfectly for competition, trail riding or as a luxury ridinghorse.

Send us PM or email on hest@hest.is for further informations!

  • Luxury horse
  • Handsome, well trained
  • Super tölt
IS2008158472 – Heimir frá Ásgeirsbrekku
F: Glæsir frá Ytra-Vallholti
FF: Sveinn-Hervar frá Þúfu
FM: Kolfinna frá Ytra-Vallholti

 Hatta frá Svaðastöðum
MF: Vængur frá Svaðastöðum
MM: Rauðnös frá Svaðastöðum