Hekla frá Vatnsleysu

Are you looking for a T1 or a V1 competition mare ! We have for sale amazing mare that is ready for competition. Hekla is 11 years old mare that has been competing with good results. She has score around 6,70 in V1 and 7,00 in T1. If you are looking for a well trained and educated mare for competition and pleasure then this is the mare for you.
Her father is Ábóti frá Vatnsleysa he has recived 8,16 total in Fizo 9,0 both for tolt and trot. Hekla´s mother is Hrund frá Vatnsleysa she has 8,20 in total in Fizo (8,53 for ridden ability).
This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking for a mare that is ready for competition and than later to use in breeding.
Contact Hest.is for further informations by PM or email hest@hest.is

  • Lots of great tölt
  • Amazing leg action
  • Well trained and educated
  • Willing but very controlable

Hekla frá Vatnsleysa – IS2005258506

F: Ábóti frá Vatnsleysu
FF: Erill frá Kópavogi
FM: Albína frá Vatnsleysu

M: Hrund frá Vatnsleysu
MF: Glampi frá Vatnsleysu
MM: Hátíð frá Vatnsleysu