Heppni frá Ytri-Bægisá

Heppni IS2011265559 is a very interesting 4 and/or 5-gaited mare but the pace has not been trained lot. She is daughter of Hrímnir frá Ósi (world champion in 4-gait 2015) and Hreyfing frá Votmúla, Hreyfing is a daughter of Hróður frá Refsstöðum (honours prize for offspring) Heppni has a nice character, willing with very good natural gaits and good movements.  She is still not fully trained and can improve a lot with more training and strength. All her gaits are good and she can be ridden as a 4-gaiter or 5-gaiter. Heppni is not for total beginners she needs rider with some experience but she is really sweet and with nice willingness. Very nice mare for pleasure riding, competitions and for breeding.

Her asking price is 5.500 EUR

  • All gaits good

  • Nice character and friendly but sensitive

F: Hrímnir frá Ósi (8,32 in tota)
FF: Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstöðum (8,34 in total)
FM: Héla frá Ósi (8,07)

M: Hreyfing frá Votmúla I
MF: Hróður frá Refsstöðum (839, and honours prize for offspring)
MM: Hekla frá Hegrabjargi