Hrafnar frá Brúnum

FOR SALE a 8 year old gelding Hrafnar frá Brúnum son of Auður frá Lundum (8,46 in total in FIZO). Hrafnar is 100% safe and trustwurthy for everybody to ride but still with good forwardness if the rider choose that. Very safe, great mind and very good friend.
He is very easy to catch out on a field and usually he walks up to you. He is a total tolt machine. This handsome guy is perfect for everybody or if the rider is afraid then Hrafnar is your horse. As you can see on the video the you can ride him with loose rein and wave his hands. Hrafnar is a perfect choose for all kind of riders that want to enjoy to ride with out being afraid. 
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  • Safe and trustwurthy 
    Great character
    Very safe to ride
    Suitable for all riders

ID number: IS2010165297

F: Auður frá Lundum II (FIZO: 8,46)
FF: Gauti frá Reykjavík (8,28 in total)
FM: Auðna frá Höfða (7,85 in total)

M: Hrafntinna frá Höfða
MF: Stjarni frá Vatnsleysu
MM: Árnaskjóna frá Sauðárkróki