Jarl frá Skeiðháholti 3

For sale 11 years old gelding
Jarl from Skeiðháholt 3.IS2006187907
Jarl´s parents are Dynur from Hvammur and Diana from Skeiðháholt 3, who is a Hrynjandadóttir.
Jarl is well trained and a very good 4-gaited horse. He knows most basic dressage, very positive and sweet horse he has really good temperment and is easy to ride and handle. Jarl is a very healthy and trouble-free horse.
This is a great opportunity to get a good 4-gaited horse with high leg movement on a good price. Send us email on hest@hest.is or PM on Facebook

  • Good tolt
  • Great spirit and great Character
  • Perfect for smaller competitions

F: Dynur frá Hvammi – (8,47 in total and 1.prize for offspring)
FF: Orri frá Þúfu (8,34 in total and hounury prize for offspring)
FM: Djásn frá Heiði (7,86 in total)

M: Díana frá Skeiðháholti 3 (7,92 in total)
MF: Hrynjandi frá Hrepphólum (8,23 in totaland 1.prize for offspring)
MM: Víma frá Kjarnholtum 1 (8,01 in total)