Klassík frá Halakoti

Klassík is beautiful Palomino coloured mare with lot of potential in 5-gait, she has powerful and beautiful pace and her other gaits all good. She has really good pedigree with 1. prize parents and grandparents and her grandfather was the amazing Oddur frá Selfossi.

Klassík is perfect mare for rider that would like to compete in fivegait or have a wonderful luxury horse. This lovely mare has a great character, willing and at the same time friendly, very good working spirit. She has good gaits, outstanding pace, very good trot and her tolt is very soft and easy to ride. Klassík will be 7 year old this summer and has a lot to offer and her palomino colour is so beautiful. Send us post for further informations on facebook or in email on hest@hest.is

  • Promising competition horse in 5-gait
  • Fun, spirited and friendly to ride and handle
  • Good gaits, amazing pace

IS2012282453 – Klassík frá Halakoti

F: Konsert frá Korpu (FIZO: 8,61)
FF: Sær frá Bakkakoti (8,62 and Honary prize for offspring)
FM: Hátíð frá Hellu (FIZO: 8,03)

M: Tinna Líf frá Halakoti (FIZO: 8,10)
MF: Oddur frá Selfossi  (8,48 and Hounaryprize for offsprings)
MM: Hrafntinna frá Flúðum (FIZO: 8,05)