SOLD-Myrkvi frá Ytra-Skörðugili

This gorgeous looking 7 year old stallion has a lot to offer in sport and breeding. With a conformation note of 8,24 and ride ability note of 8,34 total he has 8,30 in FIZO. Myrkvi will be an excellent 5-gait, pace test and T1 competition horse in the future. All his 5-gaits are very good, he has good movements and great expression. Myrkvi is 142 cm and has for example 9,0 for spirit. Myrkvi is young, beautiful and promising stallion for a reasonable price. He is a son of the great stallion Már frá Feti (8,40) and his mother Eyvör frá Langhúsum (8,18) super good 1. prize mare. My

If you are looking for a future competition horse with great charisma and he is every riders favourite and a horse that everyone can ride, really positive in all training and amazing caracther.

  • Beautiful
  • Good 5-gaits
  • Promising for competitions
  • 8,30 total in FIZO
  • Easy and very fun to ride

F: Már frá Feti  (FIZO: 8,40)
FF: Orri Frá Þúfu (8,34 and honurayprize for offsprings)
FM: Ösp frá Háholti (8,39 and honurayprize for offsprings)

M: Eyvör frá Langhúsum (8,18 in total)
MF: Óður frá Brún (8,34 in total and honurayprize for offsprings )
MM: Eva frá Langhúsum (7,69 in total)

Head 8,5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8,0

Back and Croup 8,0

Proportions 8,5
Legs 8,5
Joints 7,5
Hooves 8,5
Mane and Tail 8,0
Conformation 8.24
Ridden abilities
Tölt 8,5
Trot 8,5
Pace 8,0
Gallop 8,0
Spirit 9,0
General impression 8,0
Walk 8,0
Rideability 8.34
Slow tölt 8,0
Canter 8,0
Total 8,30