Oktavía frá Hlemmiskeiði – SOLD

Super cool 1.prize 4-gaited mare pregnant with Kveikur frá Stangarlæk  !

Oktavía frá Hlemmiskeiði is born 2013, she is  1. prize with 8,22 total 9 for tolt, canter, spirit and neck. She has very good gaits to be super good 4-gaiter in competition and the best thing is that she is pregnant with the amazing stallion Kveikur frá Stangarlæk and will be giving birth to the foal in beginning og may next 2021.

Oktavía is daughter of  Mjölnir frá Hlemmiskeiði (8,51 total in FIZO son of Krákur frá Blesastöðum ) and her mother is Kjarnorka frá Hlemmiskeiði 3 (daugther of Hrafn frá Holtsmúla) and she has given 6 high judget 1. prize offsprings.

Oktavía is a forward thinking mare and spirited. She has always clear beat tölt with very good trot, gallop with high action, she is almost like motercicle you can change her gears as you want if you want to go slowly you can and if you want to go very fast both in tolt and trot she has endless speed range.

She is 1.40m on stick.

Are you interested in this super exciting mare pregnant with Kveikur frá Stangarlæk send us post or PM for further information.

For further information please contact us on hest@hest.is

  • Very good gaits
  • Great breeding line
  • Pregnant with the best 4-gait stallion in the world

IS2013287835 – Oktavía frá Hlemmiskeiði

F: Mjölnir frá Hlemmiskeiði – (8,51 in total in FIZO)

FF: Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A  (8,34 in total and 1.prize for offsprings)
FM: Blika frá Nýja-Bæ ( 8,14 total in FIZO and honours prize for offsprings)

M: Kjarnorka frá Hlemmiskeiði (7,68 in total and 6 1.prize offsprings)
MF: Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (8,56 in total honours prize for offsprings)
MM: Orka frá Ísabakka (7,89 in total)

Head 8.0
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 9.0
Back and Croup 8.0
Proportions 8.0
Legs 8.0
Joints 8.5
Hooves 8.0
Mane and Tail 7.5
Conformation 8.25
Ridden abilities
Tölt 9.0
Trot 8.5
Pace 5.0
Gallop 9.0
Spirit 9.0
General impression 8.5
Walk 8.0
Rideability 8.2
Slow tölt 8.0
Canter 8.5
Total 8.22