Örk frá Bjarghúsum

Örk is talented 5-gaited ridden as 4-gaited 1. prize mare with 8,12 in total score in FIZO with very good pedigree. Her father is Seiður frá Flugumýri (8,69 in total) and her mother is Ógn frá Úlfljótsvatni (8,08 in total)  Örk has good speed range in tolt and is very clear beated. She is very equal in all gaits and counting well on every gait in competiton can fit well in 4-gait, T1 or T2.  Her walk is ultra good. Örk is well educated, with great spirit, confortable willingness and super character. Really easy to handle and friendly. This is oppertunety to get great 1.price mare with lots of potential for a very fair price!

  • Very good soft Tölt
  • Great spirit and great Character
  • Very promising for competitions

F: Seiður frá Flugumýri – (8,69 in total and 1.prize for offspring)
FF: Klettur frá Hvammi (8,49 in total)
FM: Sif frá Flugumýri II (8,40 in total)

M: Ógn frá Úlfljótsvatni (8,08 in total)
MF: Gauti frá Reykjavík (8,28 in total)
MM: Prinsessa frá Úlfljótsvatni (8,25 in total)

Head 7,5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8,5
Back and Croup 8,5
Proportions 8,5
Legs 8
Joints 7,5
Hooves 8
Mane and Tail 7,5
Conformation 8.14
Ridden abilities
Tölt 8
Trot 8
Pace 8
Gallop 8
Spirit 8.5
General impression 8
Walk 8.5
Rideability 8.11
Slow tölt 8
Canter 8
Total 8.12