SOLD-Prins frá Vatnsleysu

Prins is 9 years old 5-gaited gelding with high movements and all gaits good, with a strong Kolkuós bloodline.
He has a very good character and is easy to ride. He is light on the reins and he is very well trained and ridden and knows all the basic dressage exercises. Prins is super opportunity to have a great riding horse and good competition horse in 5-gait and combination.
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  • All 5-gaits good

  • Super good character

  • Friendly and easy to ride
  • very high movements

IS2010158509 -Prins frá Vatnsleysu

F:Sindri frá Vatnsleysu
FF: Glampi frá Vatnsleysu (8,35 in total 1.prize for offspring)
FM: Silja frá Vatnsleysu

M: Drottning frá Vatnsleysu (8,0 in total)
MF: Dofri frá Vatnsleysu
MM: Yngri-Mósa frá Kolkósi (honarary prize for offspring)