Rauðhetta frá Reykjavík – SOLD

Are you looking for a mare with the WOW factor? Amazing Rauðhetta frá Reykjavík is for sale. Very promising competition mare in 4-gait, T1 and T2 with unusual movements! If that is not enough she is also a very sweet mare and easy to ride and handle, very friendly with comfortable spirit. She started her competition career with 6,23 in 4-gait, 6,80 in tölt and 6,60 in T2. The notes will probably only get higher with further strength and training!

  • WOW movements
  • Nice and friendly for all riders
  • Very good gaits
  • Very promising competition horse

IS2008225499 – Rauðhetta frá Reykjavík

F: Örn frá Efri-Gegnishólum (8,51 in total)
FF: Aron frá Strandarhöfði (8,54 in total and honours prize for offspring)
FM: Hrönn frá Efri-Gegnishólum (8,08)

M: Hrönn frá Gröf 1
MF: Gimsteinn frá laufhóli (8,03)
MM: Litfara frá Gröf 1