Reynir frá Mosfellsbæ

7 years old (born 2012)
1 competition – 4-gait 6,37 – T2 6,57

For sale wonderful gelding born 2012 with good gaits that can fit perfect for sport competition. He is 4-gaited with great mind and his temperament is really good. Last weekend Reynir scored 6,37 in 4-gait and 6,57 in T2 on his 1. competition so this is very promising.
He is easy and fun to ride and light on the raine. Really safe and thinks forward just perfect temperament.
Reynir always walks toward you out on the field and is really friendly and curious about people.
His siblings has been doing really good job on the competition track and scored well in sport.
Reynir can fit as a luxury ridinghorse, and for competition in T1, V1 and he can fit perfect for T2 because he has ultra good tolt and is never trotty. He is improving more and more every day and getting more strength and mussles. Here is a video of this super promising sweet guy Reynir.
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  • Easy and fun to ride  
  • Great character
  • Very well trained
  • Sweet and friendly in all handling

ID number: IS2012125163

F: Kiljan frá Steinnesi (8,78 total in FIZO and Honaryprize for offsprings)
FF: Klettur frá Hvammi (8,49 total In FIzO )
FM: Kylja frá Steinnesi (8,17 total in FIZO)

M: Ösp frá Kollaleiru (7,96 total In FIzO )
MF: Þyrnir frá Kollaleiru
MM: Krafla frá Reyðarfirði (7,79 total in FIzo)