Simbi frá Skör – SOLD

Simbi frá Skör IS2015101486 and is a very promising 4-gaited stallion. Simbi is only 5 years old with alot of talent, great speed range in tolt, he is always clear beated and soft on the rain great mind and easy to work with. He is well educated with a lot of potential in competition both in tolt and 4-gait competition.

His pedigree is super good. He is son of the great 4-gaited stallion Vákur frá Vatnsenda that was a Reykjavík champion in V1 with a total score of 8.03 now in end of June. Simbi´s mother was a super breeding mare Aríel frá Höskuldsstöðum that has given world champion and 4 high judget offsprings and super good competition horses. for example The world champion in PP1 young rider Sleipnir frá Skör that was also 1. prize with 8,21 total in FIZO , Kjarval frá Blönduósi (V1 score 7,33 and a Landsmót winner in junior class with 8.86 ) than the breeding mares Birta frá Mið-Fossum 8,40 in FIZO, Fríð frá Mið-Fossum 8,22 in FIZO, Askur frá Laugavöllum 8,17 total in FIZO. The pedigree is super good and Simbi’s mother is amazing breeding mare.

Simbi is what every people is looking for in a horse super good mind and really good ground gaits Simbi is really exiting project to work with and develop with more training. A future competition horse with all gaits good and the best thing is that he is so fun to ride and always puts smile on your face after every ride. Here is great opportunity to buy a future 4-gaited stallion for competition and breeding. Send us post for further informations. on or PM on facebook.

  • Super good mind and spirit
  • Good 4-gaiter
  • Promising for competitions
  • Easy to ride

IS2015101486 Simbi frá Skör

F:Vákur frá Vatnsenda (FIZO: 8,17 as 4-gaiter)
FF: Mídas frá Kaldbak (8,34 as a 4-gaiter)
FM: Dáð frá Halldórsstöðum (8,09 total in Fizo and 9,5 for tolt)

M: Aríel frá Höskuldsstöðum (8,17 in total super good offsprings)
MF:Gustur frá Hóli (FIZO: 8,57 and honurayprize for offsprings)
MM: Sól frá Höskuldsstöðum (8,00 total in FIZO)