Skuggi frá Kvíarhóli

Skuggi frá Kvíarhóli IS2012187545 is tall, handsome, powerful gelding with good gates and really nice movements 🤩💥 He also has great speed range in tolt and trot and has potential to be a good competition horse both for sports and gæðingakeppni ✌🏼 His father is Uggi frá Bergi (8,54) and his mother is Lyfting frá Bjarnastaðahlíð (10 for slow tolt)
Skuggi knows the basic in dressage and is well trained, so if you want a well trained horse who you could learn more from and compete on, then Skuggi might be the right one for you. 😍🌟 
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  • High movements
  • Good fourgaiter
  • Promising for competitions
  • Powerful
  • Very well trained but not for total beginners

F: Uggi fra Bergi (8,57 total in FIZO)
Orri frá Þúfu (8,34 total in FIZO Honurary prize for offsprings)
FM: Hrísla frá Naustum (7,96 total in FIZO) she has given 7 very high judget offsprings like Sægrímur, Hængur, Sporður, Haki, Uggi and Skriða frá Bergi

Lyfting frá Bjarnastaðahlíð (7,86 total in FIZO and first mare in the world to get 10 for slow tolt)
Gustur frá Hóli (8,57 total in FIZO Honurary prize for offsprings)
MM: Hlíðar-Grána frá Bjarnarstaðahlíð (7,68 total in FIZO)