Snælda frá Hólaborg

Snælda is very beautiful mare, with amazing palomino colour. She has the greatest mind and is very easy and fun to ride and for all riders. She is has 8,28 for conformation and is extremely beautiful, she has for example 9,5 for main and tail and 9 for legs. Snælda is born 2009 and has already give birth to one foal, and the picture of the grey one with the white blaze is from her foal. She is very light on the rein and easy for all riders. If you are looking for beautiful palomino mare contact us. Here is video of the sweet Snælda
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Snælda frá Hólaborg  – IS2009282374

F:  Sindri frá Stekkum
FF: Óður frá Brún
FM: Stund Frá Stekkum

M: Frostrós frá Selfossi

MF: Óður frá Brún

MM: Katla Frá Oddhóli


Measurements (cm):

138 129 136 66 143 39 48  44 6,3 27,5 17,5
Measure of hooves: 8,6 L.h. 8,1
Conformation : 8,28
Head : 8,0

Neck-Withers-Shoulders: 8,5

Back and Croup: 8,0

Proportions : 7,5

Legs: 9,0

Joints: 8,5

Hooves: 8

Mane and Tail: 9,5

Ridden abilities:  7,53

Tolt: 7,5

Trot: 7,5

Pace: 7,0

Canter: 7,5

Spirit: 8

General Impression: 7,5

Walk: 8,0

Slow tolt: 8,0

Slow canter: 7,0

Assessment: 7,83