Sókn frá Skíðbakka I – SOLD

Very prosmising 7 year old 1.prize mare after the great stallion Þristur frá Feti that has been giving amazing offsprings. Her mother is Skerpla frá Skíðbakka I.

Sókn is tall, handsome 5-gaited 1.prize mare with 8,03 total in breedingshow. She has good gaites and high movements. She has good pace that has not been trained much but is very promising. Sókn has good spirit and is for big range of riders.
Sókn is a future competition horse in 5-gait, T1 and pace test.  With further training and mussles she will for sure improve alot and has potential to be really good T1 horse also. If you are looking for prosmising 5-gaited mare for competition both in T1 and 5-gait, then Sókn is perfect selection.

Send email on hest@hest.is or on Facebook for further informations about Sókn

  • 5-gaited
  • amazing tolt
  • Excellent spirit
  • Easy to ride and handle
IS2011284367 – Sókn frá Skíðbakka I
F: Þristur frá Feti (FIZO: 8,27 and Hounary prize for offspring)
FF: Orri frá Þúfu (FIZO: 8,34)
FM: Skák frá Feti  (FIZO: 7,74)
M: Skerpla frá Skíðbakka I
MF: Platon frá Sauðárkróki
MM: Spóla frá Skíðbakka I