Sproti frá Hjaltastöðum

For sale Sproti from Hjaltastöðum IS2009158722

Sproti is a great horse, tall gelding black colour with a blaze. He is 4-gaited very tall and handsome and all his 4-gaits are very good. His trot is super good and he has really good walk also. He is very well trained and educated. Sproti has been through the first year of Reidmadurinn, which is a 2 year riding course from Hvanneyri University and the rider won „Reynisbikarinn“ last spring, which is a competition both in dressage and the final is a V2 sports final.
Sproti is a competition horse in V2, tölt T1 and T2. He was a student horse for the first year in Hólar two years ago.
This is a great oppertunity to get well trained, good minded horse with all his 4-gaits good. for very fair price.
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  • Well trained and educated
  • Tall and handsome
  • Super trot
  • Good in mind
FEIF id-number  IS2009158722
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