Stormur frá Bergi

For sale 11. Years old gelding, well trained, good caracter, good gaits endless speed in tolt. Stormur is really good 4-gaiter with all 4 gaits very good. He has been in a competition and score 8,47 highest in B-flokkur. He knows all dressure exercises and is very well educated. Almost everybody can ride him, he has such a good caracther and is just really lovely. He can fit in competition for everybody who have some idea how to ride a horse. He is very easy and soft on the rein. No problem to control his speed.  Stormur is a great horse for competition or as a top luxury riding horse.
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  • Son of Glymur frá Flekkudal
  • Handsome, great temperament
  • Good gaits
  • Good speed range
FEIF id-number  IS2007137338
F: Glymur frá Flekkudal
FF: Keilir frá Miðsitju
FM: Pyttla frá Flekkudal

 Lilja frá Bergi
MF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri
MM: Dimma frá Grund