Sýn frá Kvíarhóli-SOLD

Sýn frá Kvíarhóli 123 in BLUP!
1. prize mare pregnant after Kveikur frá Stangarlæk FOR SALE! Sýn frá Kvíarhóli IS2012287546 Blup 123 her father is Arður frá Brautarholti (8,49 and hounurary prize for offsprings) and her mother is Storð frá Stuðlum (8,12 total in FIZO) Storð is daughter of Þerna frá Arnarhóli a hounurary prized mare with 11 1. Prized offsprings and she is mother of there great stallion Draupnir frá Stuðlum and Spaði frá Stuðlum.
Sýn has amazing breedingline.
Sýn is chestnut coloured she has 8,27 in total in breeding show and 8,42 for riding ability.
She is 5-gaited with all 5-gaits very equal. She has great character and very fun to ride and positive. She knows all dressure exercises and is really well trained. She is now pregnant with the amazing stallion Kveikur frá Stangarlæk that stole everyones heart in Landsmot this summer and has 8,76 total in FIZO as a 4-gaiter.
10 for tolt and spirit, 9,5 for trot, canter and form under rider 9 for slow tolt and 8,5 for walk, and 8,57 for conformation. We have big hopes for the unborn foal.
This is a great opportunity to get good 1. Prize mare pregnant with the amazing stallion Kveikur frá Stangarlæk. Send us post for video of Sýn and further informations in PM or on hest@hest.is
  • Very good 5 gaits, soft and highmovements in tolt
  • Great breeding line
  • Great Character
  • Very promising in 5-gait competitions

F: Arður frá Brautarholti (8,49 in total and honours prize for offspring)
FF: Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (8,34 in total and honours prize for offspring)
FM: Askja frá Miðsitju (8,16 in total and honours prize for offspring)

M: Storð frá Stuðlum (8,12 in total)
MF: Víðir frá Prestbakka (8,16 in total and 1.prize for offspring)
MM: Þerna frá Arnarhóli (8,27 in total and honours prize for offspring)

Head 7.5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8.5
Back and Croup 8.5
Proportions 8.5
Legs 7
Joints 8
Hooves 8
Mane and Tail 7.5
Conformation 8.05
Ridden abilities
Tölt 8
Trot 8.5
Pace 8.5
Gallop 8.5
Spirit 9
General impression 8.5
Walk 8
Rideability 8.42
Slow tölt 8
Canter 8.5
Total 8.27