Þruma frá Árdal

Breeding mare ! Pregnant with Ljósvaki frá Valstrýtu.

Þruma is a 10 year old mare with 8,38 in total score in FIZO, she is black color, 142 cm high and very handsome.  Þruma is pregnant with the great stallion Ljósvaki frá Valstrýtu (8,50 in total score) Þruma´s father is Aðall frá Nýja-Bæ (8,64 and 1. prize for offsprings) and her mother is Elding frá Árdal (7,96). Þruma is very friendly and easy to handle, really sweet with comfortable riding will.

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  • Good breeding line
  • Very good tolt and pace
  • pregnant with Ljósvaki frá Valstrýtu

IS2008235591 – Þruma frá Árdal

F: Aðall frá Nýja-Bæ (8,64 in total and 1.prize for offspring)
FF: Adam frá Meðalfelli (8,24 in total and 2.prize for offspring)
FM: Furða frá Nýja-Bæ (8,06 in total and 3 offsprings in 1.prize)

M: Elding frá Árdal  (7,96 in total)
MF: Svartur frá Unalæk (8,54 in total and 1.prize for offspring)
MM: Gletta frá Innri-Skeljabrekku

Head 8,5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 9
Back and Croup 8
Proportions 8
Legs 8
Joints 8,5
Hooves 8,5
Mane and Tail 6,5

Conformation 8.34

Tölt 8,5
Trot 8
Pace 8,5
Gallop 7,5
Spirit 9
General impression 8,5
Walk 8

Rideability 8.40

Slow tölt 8
Canter 7

Total 8.38