Tinni frá Selfossi

Tinni is a very promising 4-gaited gelding with lot of quality and equal gaits. He is born 2014 and has only been trained for 3 months and already has a lot of balance in his tolt for a short training. He is very easy and calm and has great mind and temperament and has been from first moment, but can be litle insecure or shy with new things. He is really well ridden and trained from the beginning and is very light on the Raines and listens to his rider. Tinni is very exiting prodject for someone who likes to put some work to his horse and see them get better everyday. ☺️
Tinni is son of the great stallion Straumur frá Feti (8,42) that was competing in T1 and V1 for Iceland in World championship 2017
Here is video link of Tinni with his rider only trained for 3 months. Very fair price for talented young gelding 🤩👌🦄
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  • Easy and fun to ride  
  • Great character
  • Very well trained
  • Sweet and friendly in all handling

ID number: IS2014182712

F: Straumur frá Feti  (8,42 total in FIZO)
FF: Þristur frá Feti (8,27 total in FIZO and honaryprize for offsprings)
FM: Smáey frá Feti

M: Lipurtá frá Brattholti (7,72 total in FIZO)
MF: Galsi frá Sauðárkróki (8,44 total in FIZO and honaryprize for offsprings)
MM: Perla frá Kjartansstöðum (7,85 total in FIZO and honaryprize for offsprings)