Tónn frá Káragerði

IS2012184713 – Tónn frá Káragerði 
Tónn is very tall handsome gelding with great mind and spirit. His high is around 1,55 cm.
Very sweet character, well trained with alot of potential for competition.
His gaits are very good, his trot and canter super good but all gaits have high movemnts and are clear. 
The father of Tónn is the amazing good 4-gaiter Herjólfur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum that has 8,32 total in breedingshow as 4-gaiter and has been doing very good job in sportcompetition in Sweden with his rider Erlingur Erlingsson. His mother is Gyðja frá Káragerði 7,89 total in breedingshow she was a mare with great mind.
Send us PM or email on hest@hest.is for further informations about Tónn
  • Son of the amazing 4-gaiter Herjólfur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum
  • High movements
  • Nice temper
  • super cool gaits

F: Herjólfur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum (8,32 total in FIZO)
Gígjar frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (8,46 total in FIZO 1. prize for offsprings)
FM: Hending frá Úlfsstöðum (8,47 total in FIZO)

Gyðja frá Káragerði  (7,89 total in FIZO)
Kormákur frá Kjarnholtum  (8,02 total in FIZO)
MM: Loppa frá Snjallsteinshöfða (7,80 total in FIZO)