Urður frá Miðhrauni – SOLD

Urður is a very interesting 4-gaited mare for breeding or competitions.  Good breedingline, daughter of Sædynur frá Múla (8,34) and Maja frá Dallandi (8,01).

Urður has a nice character, perfect willingness with very good natural tölt and good movements.  She has breeding judgement 7,80 in total as 4-gait mare and has scored 6,40 with young rider in 4-gait competition. Urður has a wonderful character and fits well for large range of riders. She is very nice mare for pleasure riding, competitions and for breeding. This is great oppertunity to get very good competition mare in tolt and 4-gait. We really love Urður and hope she gets the best owners possible. On the video you can see our 10 year old son riding her with good quality, she is very trustworthy and easy to ride and really positive in all training.

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  • Very good 4-gaits

  • Nice character and friendly

  • Suits almost every rider

F: Sædynur frá Múla  (8,34 in FIZO)
FF: Dynur frá Hvammi (8,47 in FIZO and 1. prize for offspring)
FM: Litla-Þruma frá Múla (7,62 in FIZO she is mother of Roði frá Múla and Sædynur)

M: Maja frá Dallandi (8,01 in FIZO)
MF: Oddur frá Selfossi (8,48 and honours prize for offspring)
MM: Saga frá Glæsibæ (7,62 in FIZO)