Vænting frá Hrafnagili

Vænting is a fantastic competition mare that is getting better and better. She has got 7,37 in prel. in T1, 6,90 in 4-gait and 8,74 in B-flokkur. Vænting has a wonderful character, is easy to ride and handle for most riders. She has the perfect spirit, just the way you like it, is a comfortable ridinghorse but gives her best performance on the track. Winner of a big tournament this year in Iceland with a young rider. Great mare for pleasure and as a TOP competition mare in Tölt, B-flokkur and 4-gait. Video and price by request.

  • Great competition horse
  • Easy to ride handle
  • Excellent sport results
  • Good character

IS2007265601 – Vænting frá Hrafnagili

F: Forseti frá Vorsabæ (8,58 in total score)
FF: Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (Honours price for offspring)
FM: Litla-Jörp frá Vorsabæ 2 (7,70)

M: Blanda frá Hrafnagili
MF: Víkingur frá Hrafnagili
MM: Bergs-Brúnka frá Hrafnagili