Hest.is family doing great at their new homes

I try to follow as well as I can how the members of hest.is family is doing with their new owners. In may I notices at least four winners in competitions (sure there are many more). These horses and owners are so lucky to have found each other and it makes me smile to see how well they are doing, both on the track and as family members 🙂

On the photo is Vorboði frá Kópavogi – winning PP1 and doing great in fivegait and T2 with his young talented rider Kristofer Darri (competing in children´s class). Vorboði was sold in Iceland this winter, wonderful Galsi frá Sauðárkróki son and great to see how well his very young rider is handling him.

To his right is the gelding Orion frá Lækjarbotnum, sold many years ago to a good friend of mine, Ingar Jensen in Sweden that have been enjoying this great ridinghorse for years. This spring he decided to let Daníel Ingi Smárason compete with him and… they are already starting to count in the gold medals, this time in 250m pace. Great horse Orion that combins being a fantastic ridinghorse, and also a top competition horse.

Hausti frá Kagaðarhóli was sold last autumn, the start for this great stallion is superb, already two gold medals in fivegait and PP1. Not the last time we see him on the track – so keep your eyes on this one!

And finally the stallion Prati frá Borg and his young talented rider Anna Nas, winning 4-gait in Germany. Prati has a special place in my hart while he is also breed by me, his hart also belongs with his new family in Germany.

Only one of these horses had a place on the site www.hest.is – the others were sold through personal assistance, so please don´t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for your special horse. And I just love to have stories about the horses… so write to me and let me know how things are going 🙂



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